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Tanzanie - Zanzibar

Se réveiller avec le soleil sur la plaine Africaine. Faire communion avec le regard d'un lion, croiser une famille de léopards dans un arbre. Danser avec les Hadzabés. Prendre le thé les orteilles dans l'Océan Indien avec la pleine lune comme éclairage. Se croire au paradis sur les plages de Zanzibar et vivre une experience contrastante à Stontown. voilà le voyage Tanzanie Zanzibar et plus encore.

Sandra Chartrand | Laval, QC

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We’re thrilled to present our range of active holidays and immersive cultural journeys around the world. Active and immersive travel is a distinctly rewarding experience that gives you access to remote locations, allowing you to enjoy unspoiled wilderness, isolated villages and authentic encounters. Our diverse and exciting adventures are perfect for those who seek an individual approach. Explore a destination under your own steam by trekking, cycling, paddling or rafting on one of our active holidays. Or, absorb local traditions, flavours and flare as part of a unique cultural journey.

We are happy to present our selection of exciting cycling and multi activity adventures around the world. Cycling is a wonderful way to explore remote trails of spectacular lands. If you like to mix it up, our range of exciting multi activity adventures are perfect for those who seek a multi dimensional approach and want to explore a destination under their own steam. Our new brochure features 64 exhilarating adventures to choose from so that you can hike, cycle, paddle and/or raft your way around the world.

From the Camino to Mont Blanc, Romanian monasteries to Roman ruins - there is an active European holiday for everyone; from families to culinary enthusiasts, history buffs to experienced alpine walkers. Cycling or walking, 2-star or 4-star, small groups or self guided, land or sea – UTracks can help you explore Europe exactly the way you want.

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